Joker123 is one of the most popular and trusted online gambling sites in Asia so far this site has become more familiar. This site not only provides some games but on this site we can play many games that JOKER123 has provided for the players. On this site there are several categories of games available such as games slots, live casinos, and there are also shooting games available.

below I will explain the game of shooting fish in the game Joker123

Game Fishing Hunter is a game that is easy to play or stake. Where there are many jackpots in the game that departed from one of these children’s games. Yes, indeed the Fish Shooting game is a game that was first introduced through large malls in Indonesia. These games are often found in children’s playgrounds such as Timezone, Amazon and other children’s playgrounds.

But now, the game Shoot Fish is much easier to play. Not only as a children’s game. However, this game has turned into one of the very popular gambling games. Especially since the presence of the game Shoot Fish Online. This game immediately attracted the attention of gambling fans in the world, especially Indonesia. Where a person can certainly bet much easier or play. Only with Android and IOS smartphones connected to the internet, one can easily find the benefits of the game Shoot Fish Online.

How to play Shoot Fish is also very easy & fast to understand. One just has to aim their shots precisely. With these demands, of course one cannot just rely on luck to win this game.

In need of some of the most effective tips on playing shooting fish online to be able to direct the shot correctly and achieve maximum benefits

> Not Only Focus On Small Sized Fish
This fish shoot gambling game system, every bullet used has a price or value. If you always shoot fish with small size, it is certain that the payment you get is not proportional to the bullets you use. The minimum price of 1 shooter in 1 shot is 50 credits or 0.1 RM . Small fish have Odds value 2. This means that when you successfully kill the small fish, you get 0.1 x 2 = 0.2 RM coins or 1 RM Obviously when you shoot big fish, the profits are far greater.

> Focus & Patience
To be able to get a big win, certainly the attitude of Patience is very necessary. Certainly a bettor shouldn’t be in a hurry when playing or betting. By playing calmly, the results obtained in the Online Fish Shoot gambling game are not quite maximal. Even your chances of winning are getting smaller.

> Recognize the Function of Weapons
– There are 3 types of weapons that are generally provided by Fish Shoot Online Gamblers.
– Normal Shooting Speed: This weapon is generally used to target small fish where the multiplication of Odds is 2 to 6.
– Accelerate Shooting Speed: This weapon has the fastest ability in terms of killing fish. Of course this weapon is used to kill large-sized fish and Jackpot fish in the form of the Golden Dragon.
– Then use these 3 types of weapons as best you can to get more profits and big wins in this type of Online Fish Shoot gambling.

>Know When to Stop Playing
The next most effective online fish shoot game is knowing when to stop playing Fish Shoot online. If a bettor has worked hard to win but still has not yet obtained the results as desired. So it is recommended to stop so that you can relax and refresh your mind in the next game. That way your chances of winning Fish Shoot Online are much more.

Tricks and current fish shooting strategies

Although it’s quite easy, there are still many bettors who experience defeat when playing. Therefore, try to learn the important points below about how to win the game for real money online fishing more easily.

Before starting to bet / play, you must make a plan. All you have to know is that there are levels in online fish shooting games. Which later, you who managed to win at the bottom level. Will go up to the next level. The levels here will be used to be able to get the JACKPOT that has been provided.

Aca shooting is also one of the most effective tricks and strategies for winning fish shooting online. Why? Because this method will make you have the possibility to throw your opponent’s fish. However, you must be very careful here. Because every bullet you use will reduce points.

If you have a lot of points, try to kill diced fish. Then the points you get will multiply more. Because the dice-bodied fish here is JACKPOT provided by the online fish shooting game.

The Best Tips In Fish Shooting Games

Besides dice-bodied fish, there are also dark green and golden frogs. The function of the dark green and golden frog here is JACKPOT provided by the online fish shooting game. So you will get double the points for successfully killing this dark green and golden frog.

Don’t be stingy spending a lot of capital. Especially if you want to get a lot of benefits. Then you have to really prepare the best capital. Because, you will only be able to kill big fish or JACKPOT with a large enough capital.


Company Malaya333 is a Malaysian-based Company and also a very trusted company, has received a lot of recognition from Malaysian members. Company Malaya333 is very easy to get ID. Malaya333 itself has been in operation since 2016 yesterday so many online slot players are aware of this site.

Some games provided by Company Malaya333:

  • XE88
  • MEGA888
  • NTC33 (Newtown)
  • JOKER123
  • ACE333
  • 3WIN8
  • 918KISS 2

These are all the articles I made above about some of the most trusted Companies in 2020. And don’t forget to read the other articles we have provided.


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